Consider a DIY Conservatory

Do you enjoy relaxing on those warm summer nights outside? I know I do, and as winter approaches that is the first thing I’m going to miss. Winter can be a depressing time, if there isn’t a blizzard outside then we still have gray skies, freezing temperatures, and the sun goes down before I leave work each day. I’d like to be able to enjoy the outdoors all year round instead of just half the year, and I believe the answer lies within conservatories. A conservatory is essentially an outdoor sun room. This panoramic glass rooms allow you to enjoy the sunlight and outdoor views all while maintaining indoor temperatures. Not to mention it protects your furniture, keeps insects out, and even gives you an additional place to enjoy a nice meal.

My wife and I were recently pondering sprucing up the outside deck and patio, but that is simply too much money to spend for such a short period of usage. I think that putting money into one of these year round conservatories makes much more sense. First, by buying directly from the manufacturer you can save a ton of money. Second, they are very easy in nature to install, you just need the right tools, skillset, and a little ambition. Third, they also make a great investment to any home. This is an addition to your home that you can enjoy now, but if you plan on ever selling the home this is just another feature that can help you increase the selling price as well.

Because we are considering selling our home next year it is extremely vital that any updates or additions to the home be as cost effective as possible.  Some remodeling projects have very high return on investments, like the kitchen, bathroom, windows, siding, etc.  On the other hand, improvements such as finished basements, and four season rooms tend be on the lower end for recouping your initial investment.  That isn’t an issue for people that plan on staying in their home for the rest of their lives, or at least the next dozen years, but it can be an issue if you are looking at getting out of your home relatively soon.  That doesn’t mean you need to forgoe the improvement altogether, you just need to be a bit wiser about it.  This is why buying a do-it-yourself conservatory directly from the manufacturer makes for such an ideal purchase.

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