Three Well-Paying Business Careers

Among the many advantages presented to individuals who pursue business related courses and careers is the ability to earn a high salary. And though all business careers are considered good enough, if looking for one that pays really well, it’s time that you started looking at these three; entrepreneurship, marketing and finance.

1) Entrepreneur:

Basically, entrepreneurship degree programs focuses on training its students on various decision making aspects thus equipping them with vital tools that they can adopt when running a wide range of organizational operations. These students can later on find lucrative careers as financial experts, public relations executives, accountants, human resources managers, marketers or even, chief executive officers. This being the case, their salary is guaranteed to be very high. Though these earnings vary from one company to another, on average, someone who works in entrepreneurship field is approximated to earn $158,560 per year.

Alternatively, one can opt to become their own boss – starting their own business venture hence, have the right to decide how much you want to earn come the end of the month or year.

2) Marketing:

As a marketer, one is expected to have a broad understanding of the many skills required in organizing and promoting various brands and businesses. As such, one should be able to do intensive research, analyze, strategize and deliver techniques, methods and strategies that are capable of supporting given business brand. In addition, the techniques/methods/strategies adopted should be capable of delivering and increasing profits thereby maximizing the investments. And, to remain relevant in business, one should keep abreast of new marketing procedures and technologies.

Examples of marketing career options you can get into include business law, organizational management, public relations and advertising. These positions are likely to see you earn an average of $112,800 per year.

3) Finance:

What makes financial related careers among the top three well-paying business careers in the world today is, everything revolves around money. This is where being a cheapskate can actually pay off! While in business school, one gets to learn about all matters relating to money markets, investments, capital and financial accounting among other things. That way, one ends up gaining an in-depth understanding of international, corporate and personal finance hence becomes a lot more capable of strengthening his/her clients’ or potential clients insurance plans, investments and debt management. So what college programs should an aspiring financial specialist study? A degree in business law, corporate finance, human resource management, supply chain management, project management, management information systems or marketing is considered good enough.

The good thing about financial careers is that the more one gains experience, the more promotions they get and the higher their salary becomes. As a result, one may end up earning a financial business analyst, budget analyst, financial consultant or financial adviser title. Most employees who have specialized in this field earn an average of $99,330 per year.

Now that business related careers have for so many years been ranked among the top most well-paying careers, it’s crystal clear that pursuing this career path is the smartest decision you can make. As a matter of fact, it’s the greatest career investment anyone can ever make.

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