So You Want to Make a Living Day Trading

Well, if you really think you have what it takes to make a living day trading, then you have to get read to study. Yes, study. But not like you did at school. You don’t have to sit with all your peers in rows and ingest facts and figures spouted at you by a lecture fiend. You can do at your own pace.

Trust me, you can learn to make $200 a day in the market, day trading. All it takes is the focus and concentration to learn a good trading strategy and follow the rules. Head over to Warrior Trading on Facebook and you will learn how they can teach you those strategies.

But it will all be for naught if you cannot manage your risk and color within the lines. You will learn that every trade needs a stop-loss attached and heaven help you if you ignore that cardinal rule.

The easiest way to way to fail at day trading is to make way too many trades and forget to manage your risk. You want to identify the best trades and take steps to mitigate every possible bad angle that could eat into your profit. Know what you are trading and why you are trading it.

One of the best parts of Warrior’s program is a access to a demo trading simulator that allows you to practice your skills in real time with fake money. They give you $50K in pretend cash that you get to trade under the close supervision of Warrior’s master traders. So you get to make all the mistakes you want. And they won’t pinch your wallet one bit.

All you need to do is get into the day trading chat room and see what the Warrior chat room is all about. Then you learn momentum and reversal day trading strategies. That way you can take advantage of the run up of a stock during the day and short the stock just before it starts to fall. Then you pick your strategy, write down your trading plan and try it out for a month in the simulator.

Here is one secret: Once you notice a stock go up and you hit your profit target, sell off and adjust the stop to breakeven. That gives you a winner each time. A small winner, but lots of small winners add up to big profits after a while. Small wins and consistency. Stay disciplined and you will stay profitable.

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