Hi I’m Justin! Im a 30 year old MBA that works for a fortune 500 company in the metro Detroit area.  My main role involves financial planning, such as budgeting and forecasting for our strategic business unit.  I am also involved with pricing and cost analysis.  I enjoy my job, but I have always had an interest in personal finance, hence, welcome to my first blog!

It’s long been a hobby of mine to surf the web and read the various personal finance blogs out there.  Most are very well written, offer sound financial advice, but they tend to all reiterate the same views over and over. I’ve been fortunate to learn by experience and now I’d like to share that experience with all of you.

This blog will offer many of my opinions and views, as I hope to share the financial management tools I have acquired.  This will be a continuously educating experience for both you as the reader, and myself as well.  It’s important to understand that the world of personal finance changes all the time, and sometimes you have to seek out and discover, I hope I can help you along the way.

Money isn’t everything, and I certainly don’t want my title to throw you off, but if it’s handled properly then it can certainly make things easier on you and your own.  Contrary to popular belief, money is not the root of all evil…as you will learn from my blog, money is the root of all things good!  I hope you enjoy.




I am not a finance professional. Everything stated on this site is my own opinion. Some of the things I talk about have worked or are working for me, they may or may not work for you. Please take your own decisions and don’t blindly do something just because I said so.

Always read and apply the advice to your situation.  My opinions and perspectives should not be taken as professional financial advice.

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