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The Gift of Want

The holiday season is upon us and all the kiddies are writing or typing (texting?) up  their lists for Santa.

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You Don’t Need Money to Do What You Want

I grew up in the 1950’s with gypsy  parents – well, they really weren’t gypsy’s – but they claimed to be because they liked to go, go, go.  We went.  Every year.  Two weeks.  All over the States.

They were poor, but they made it a  priority to always travel for two weeks each summer – and take we two kids along.  How did they do it? Continue reading

Challenge Your Holiday Gifting Traditions

The holidays are fast approaching once again.  Typically, they are a time of tradition – doing things we were taught to do while growing up.  To have a wonderful holiday, we try to do what is expected and please everyone.  Why not challenge our gifting traditions this year?

When we were small we were taught that it is better to give than to receive; that we should smile and say thank you to Aunt Matilda (for the red and green polka dot pants that make us vomit just looking at them); that we should not ask for the things we really want; and that we should always give gifts to each of our family members and friends.

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