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Why should you join a Credit Union?


Did you know that Credit Unions usually have lower fees and tend to pay higher rates than your average bank? Most people don’t but, with many becoming frustrated with high bank fees and low interest rates, joining a Credit Union is definitely an option worth looking into. Indeed, nearly 1 million Americans are now using credit unions instead of traditional banks.

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New Startup makes Mobile Banking Available for the Masses

In our Internet travels here at the office all of us are always finding new and interesting ways to save money, spend less and make financial habits and chores easier. One of the things that we found lately is a new startup called that’s offering mobile and online banking to their users with over 2000 different branded Visa cards.

Founded in January 2012 is an online bank that requires you to simply have a mobile phone and a debit card in order to maintain an account with them. Their founder, Ben Katz, had this to say about his new Los Angeles startup., “We’re the card that cares. Banking and the overall banking system is made for people with big savings. Not everyone has tens of thousands in savings. We focus on 90% of people out there,” Katz said.

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Online Banking Tips to Keep Your Accounts Secure

Today online banking has made things much easier for millions of people who wish to make payments, transfer funds and check on their bank balances quickly and easily.  Online banking does come with several risks however and these risks, while not overly high, can affect you and your money negatively and so we put together a list of said risks so that you can make sure that when you bank online your money is always secure.  Enjoy!

First and foremost you should check your accounts often.  Make sure that your transactions get posted, that the amounts match up, and that nothing you did not authorize is listed.  It’s easy to do so make a habit of it.

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